Lecturers: Antonio La Torre (ITA), Renato Canova (ITA)


Antonio La Torre (ITA), Renato Canova (ITA)

IAAF Academy for Elite Coaches- MLD&RW was held for the first time at RDC-Cairo during the period of October 23 – 29, 2011


23 participants (including 2 women) from 12 countries took part in the course: JOR, EGY, SYR, OMA, PLE, TUN, LIB, ALG, YEM,LBA, SUD, GB  .


The course lecturers were 1- Renato Canova (ITA)   2- Prof. Antonio La Torre (ITA). In addition, the leading teachers of the Faculty of Physical Education delivered some presentations.


The course aims to provide the coach with the relevant knowledge, understanding and practical experience to create an environment capable of delivering high level of individual performance over multiple seasons.


Coaches are encouraged to explore and develop the critical factors that affect this process, namely their personal coaching and management skills. The components of Analysis and Evaluation, Planning, Preparation and in-event Performance are examined from an interdisciplinary perspective.


The Participants of the Course received their personal assignment and the submission deadline for this assignment is between 6-9 months following the end of the residential course.


The course results will be published 1 month after the final deadline for receiving the assignments. The IAAF Academy Diploma will be sent to the successful coaches with a copy to the MF.


The accommodation was at the SCOUTS  Hotel. The distance between the Hotel and RDC-Cairo location is 5 minutes walking.


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