How to Run a Facebook Giveaway (… and get more engagement, group members in the process)

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This video will teach you how to run a Facebook giveaway.

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This video will teach you how to run a Facebook giveaway. you can increase engagement, grow your email list and generate sales through Facebook competitions.
In order to achieve these results, not only do you have to create a Facebook contest but also follow certain steps (most of which apply to social media contests in general).

1. Define your main goal for the Facebook giveaway
Why should you run a competition on Facebook? Here are several benefits of social media giveaways:
– get more likes, comments, shares
– increase website traffic
– grow your email list through contests
or to
– grow your facebook group
You should focus on only one of those giveaway goals, otherwise, you may not achieve it.

2. Contest giveaway prize
If you want to host a contest on Facebook, you have to give people a reward

Now you probably have several questions in your mind:
– “What giveaway prize should I choose?”
– “Can you give me some examples of giveaway rewards?”
– “Can you share a few contest prize ideas with me?”
In general, the contest/giveaway/ sweepstake prize should be both relevant to your business and something your target audience really wants.

3. Facebook giveaway ideas
If you are wondering how to run a successful Facebook contest, you will have to choose the right idea. Some giveaways will help you get more likes, other will help you get more comments, third will help get more email subscribers.

A “Like to win” will help you get more engagement on Facebook and to reach more people.

You can also choose a photo caption contest. This basically means that participants are asked to provide the best or funnies
description of a certain photo.

Fill-in-the blank contest – you ask participants to complete an unfinished sentence

Enter to Win Contests – this is one of the most traditional ways to run a giveaway. You simply collect email addresses from people in order for them to participate. There are numerous such Facebook giveaway examples.

If you want to grow your facebook group, ask people to join your group if they want to win or just that you will announce the winner in the facebook group.

4. Facebook giveaway rules
If you choose to run a facebook page contest, you must definitely be aware of the contest terms and conditions. What’s more, there are different giveaway rules and regulations in different countries around the world. That’s why you should watch this video and learn about the giveaway legal rules.

You must disclose publicly the official giveaway rules. Don’t be vague and state clearly how people can enter your social media contest, what they need to do, how and when the giveaway winner is going to be chosen.

5. Random winner generator Facebook
Many people ask me “How to pick a random winner”, “Is there a contest winner picker or a contest winner generator?”. Actually, there is. This contest marketing tool is called Facebook Flash Giveaway. I have included а link to it above.

6. Facebook giveaway promotion
You may have created the giveaway but your job is not done yet. Do you know how to promote a contest or how to promote a giveaway? If not, don’t worry.

One way to do this is by using Paid Facebook Ads. This will help you reach your target audience in no time. Just boost the Facebook post about your giveaway.

These are the fundamental steps on how to run a facebook giveaway.

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